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Corporate Events


If you are looking to hold a corporate event at a very special location, then Château Destinée is ideal for you. We are situated right on the bank of the Dordogne River. This is a country location surrounded on two sides by apple orchards, one side the river and the final side a beautiful small village. Between your meetings and events guests can enjoy a walk or run in nature listening to an abundant bird life singing along the way.



We have two large reception rooms, one with a pull-down screen and portable data projector, a large orangerie linking these spaces and 26 bedrooms rooms all with ensuite. Thirteen of our rooms can be split into two single beds if you require flexibility in room configurations. There is space for everyone not to feel penned in even if your event is in winter.

Our event barn can be used for a trade fair installation, large meetings, or awards presentations. Utilising all of the Château ’s facilities is included in the rental fee.

Within walking distance, we also have providers for accommodation so additional guests can walk to the Château to be included in meals and events so everyone feels they are all staying onsite.

Château Destinée is passionate about accessibility so we have fitted a wheelchair lift and created an accessible bedroom and public toilet. We also have an internal elevator to the upper floors.

Our onsite event team can help you plan your itinerary as per your needs from a yoga retreat, trade fair or sales rewards experience just to name a few. We can help you plan off site activities and if you need a conference room or breakout spaces, we can provide you with various options. Examples: Golf trip to Saint Emilion, onsite yoga or mediation sessions, off site or on-site wine tasting, canoeing the river (June to Sept), French food markets and team cooking classes. Just to name a few.

Our inhouse chef can cater for all your meal and dietary requirements. No stress if your guests seem to have a long list of allergies, are vegan, pescetarian, vegetarian, you name it we will cater for it. Breakfast is included each day and the other meals can be bespoke and quoted depending on needs. We have sample menus available to give you an idea, but you have no limits on choices for:

  • Break snacks, and Tea/Coffee station all day use

  • Lunches to stay and to go.

  • Celebration dinner

  • Casual buffet or sit-down meals

In their pre-Château Destinée lives Peter and Linda worked in various industries and business to gain the combined experience that now can tailor to the needs of you and your guests and provide the best service. Peter has always been in the food industry and enjoyed many building and renovation projects, making him perfect for managing your menu, drinks and ensure all facilities are well maintained. Linda had a successful career in Human Resources. Linda has worked in Retail, Risk Management, Chemical and Coatings industries and has been involved for many years in running sales conferences, merger and acquisition communication events, facilitated and created leadership programmes and is a qualified life coach and hold an MBA. Her experience results in a proficient event manager using creative ideas to assist your planers to best use all the space the Château has to offer.  If any of Linda’s experience is of assistance to you and can help, make your event complete she is very happy to be involved and can discuss what services you require.

For a virtual tour and video call to review costs and budget please use the link below to contact us and receive information

We are a SARL company based in France with a TVA registration number. All transactions are in Euro and invoiced in France from SARL Château Destinée.

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010 Photographer _ Dino Soldin  (5)
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070 Photographer _ Fran at Littlewing photos (12)
080 Photographer _ Fran at Littlewing photos (14)
090 Photographer _ Linda (4)
100 Photographer _ Linda (6)
110 Photographer _ Linda (8)
120 Photographer _ Fran at Littlewing photos (16)
130 Photographer _ Dino Soldin  (6)
140 Photographer _ John Armstrong-Millar (7)
150 Photographer _ Fran at Littlewing photos (41)
160 Photographer _ John Armstrong-Millar (19)
170 Photographer _ Linda (21)
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190 Photographer _ Fran at Littlewing photos (44)
200 Photographer _ Linda (5)
210 Photographer _ Linda (19)
220 Photographer _ Linda (2)
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